Wednesday, 10 September 2014

September's Pink Parcel - Contents And Review

You may have caught my post last month on my first Pink Parcel and it's contents. In case you didn't catch my post and don't know what Pink Parcel have to offer here's a little info on the fab subscription service tailored to your monthly cycle.

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription service for your monthly! You can choose your brand, type and absorbency of either tampons or towels and they are conveniently delivered to your door a few days before your period with some lovely little extra's to cheer you up!

My weapon of choice is Tampax Compact. As I did last month I received an ample amount of (5x) Tampax Light, (7x) Tampax Regular, (7x) Tampax Super and (7x) Tampax Super-Plus to see me through. 

There was an issue with Pink Parcel's supplier this month which meant subscribers received their extra goodies a few days late. I did email their customer services about the missing items and they were quick to reply and just lovely. The wait for my extra goodies was well worth it as there were some fantastic items! 

If you like the look of Pink Parcel your first month is only £5.95 and every subsequent month is £9.95, not only convenient and a joy to receive but an absolute bargain! 

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