Saturday, 29 March 2014

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Gradual Tan

I love gradual tanners. Who doesn't want that subtle all-year-round glow that's fool proof to even the most novice of self-tanners?

For a while I have been using Xen-Tan's Tranform Luxe, I've got it in Light/Medium and it comes out very dark...which is fine if you exfoliate and apply it well, but with no colour guide it's sometimes hard to judge where it's going. Although the colour is great (when applied properly!) and it goes onto your skin with a lovely vanilla scent it soon fades to that yucky biscuity mushroom smell. At last I have found a gradual tanner with NO mushroom smell!

I picked up the Light version of L'Oreal Sublime Bronze in Boots last week as it was on offer for only £4.66, cheap enough to bin if it was naff. I've been using it for a week now so feel I can give it a fair enough review...

I absolutely love it! In fact I popped into town this morning and picked up another bottle whilst it was still on offer! I really feel that the results supersede that of Xen-Tan's Transforme Luxe...and that stuff is like 4 times the price! It goes onto your skin really smoothly and absorbs quickly. There is not a hint of that tanning smell that I have had with all other tanners I've tried, it has a light floral fragrance to it. I have quite dry skin on the tops of my arms and shoulders and this kept them moisturised and didn't cause any weird patchy bits. Even though it's a gradual tanner I still apply with a tanning mitt, I just find you get smoother, less patchy results. After 2 days of use the colour is a lovely, natural olive brown, not at all orange like some other brands I have tried.

I'm actually won over from a high-end product to a drugstore brand!


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My First Birchbox...

I'm sure Birchbox isn't new to many of you but after a few disappointing boxes from Glossybox I decided to give Birchbox a go...especially when I saw they were collaborating with one of my favorite handbag designers...Lulu Guinness! If you read one of my latest posts about Glossybox you will know I have cancelled my subscription, for me a beauty box should be more about the quality of the contents than the quantity. As I live in a rural part of Somerset and the nearest department store for high end products is 50 odd miles away I want to be able to try products out before I commit to buying and they end up in my ever expanding drawer of once-used products! My first Birchbox didn't dissapoint. The box felt it was put together with care, the products were good quality and the sample sizes were very generous. Lets take a look into my box...

Benefit Stay Don't Stray

I absolutely love this primer! So much so I went on to purchase the full size version. It can be used under eye-shadow or under-eye concealer. I was sent light/medium which compliments my skintone perfectly. I have found it gives me a lovely smooth base and keeps my concealer in place all day. A huge thumbs up from me!

Dr Brandt Pores No More

I'm a sucker for anything that claims to erase my huge pores and give me flawless results, other than the fact this box was a Lulu collaboration, this primer was one of the reasons I subscribed. I hate to say it does nothing for my pores, but it does give me lovely base for my foundation. When you squeeze it out of the tube it's a quite intimidating red/brown colour, but this is not at all apparent when your foundation is applied over it. I also want to mention it has quite a strong fragrance, a nice spicy, floral fragrance. I have enjoyed using the sample but probably wouldn't purchase the full size for £39.

Molton Brown Hand Cream

I love hand creams! The sample only lasted me day as I apply hand cream every time I'm done washing my hands. It had a lovely scent, Rhubarb and Rose and instantly absorbed into my skin (just as they claim). It was a pleasure to use but I don't think I'm swayed from my usual go-to hand cream.

English Laundry Signature EDP

I usually am not too phased when I receive a perfume sample...I have a drawer full of them but this perfume is going onto my birthday wishlist! Its a gorgeous sweet floral smell with a faint hint of toffee. It smells quite alike to Katy Perry's Killer Queen or Britney Spears' Fantasy. I was gutted when the sample ran out! Big thumbs up from me!

Korres Citrus Body Milk

I'm not usually too enthralled my citrus smells, they remind me of cheap air-fresheners for some reason?! This moisturizer is an exception. It has a very fresh, light citrus smell. Although it's a body milk, which in my experience are quite light, this is very moisturizing. Another thumbs up from me!

Also included in the box was a white and black striped stick of rock, very in-keeping with the theme of the box...I munched this on one of my lazy pj days! I'm really please with my first ever Birchbox...I'm wondering why I didn't cancel my Glossybox and sign up earlier! I also must say that their customer service is great, I had a query (being a new customer I wasn't familiar with some of the order processes) and their response was friendly and relatively fast. A huge new fan...


Monday, 24 March 2014

Where I'm at (with PCOS)...

The one thing being diagnosed and enduring PCOS has made me learn is to be grateful. No girl likes to get a zit does she? Waking up, looking in the mirror and seeing a nasty pimple on your chin is never fun but I have now learnt to be grateful for just that little pimple and not a mass of painful cysts like I was experiencing last year. 

Although for years cervical pain from cysts and painful, heavy periods would drag me down what really got me down was the acne. We're not talking a few pimples here and there, we're talking huge spots and painful cysts on my jawline. Unless you've had acne (without sounding vain) you can never imagine how much it drags you down.

This was me in November 2013. At a total loss. My usual skincare wasn't working. Make-up only made my skin worse and the blemishes more apparent. I put faith in a new found organic skincare brand and starting a drug to help the hormone levels in my body I started to feel more hopeful. Within weeks of using Premae's Immaculate Collection (comprising of Balance Rescue Cleanser, Balance Rescue Tonique, Harmony Serum and Harmony Balm) my skin was making remarkable progress.

In January I participated in a selfie diary with Premae where each week I would send them an update of my skin's progress, you can see the results for's amazing! 

When ever I'm having a down day (like earlier today!) because I've got a couple of pimples I think back to where I was a few months ago. Suffering awful cervical pain and having the constant depression of trying to ply make-up on to my face to cover the awful acne each morning. I look at these photos and I feel grateful. Any lady with PCOS will know it is an awful illness that knocks your confidence and at times takes away everything that makes you feel like a lady. Excess body and facial hair, acne, hair loss, weight issues and awful pain. It's a constant battle. For now I feel lucky I have found something that seems to be working for me. The hirsutism is still an (embarrassing) issue but my skin is making progress everyday...


Sunday, 23 March 2014

March Glossybox Review

Another month...another beauty box. Lets take a look into the box (always highly anticipated!) and contents I received this month...

Mitchell and Peach Body Cream £36 for 180ml

Ok, so I didn't receive the glamorous jar and cute little box pictured, I received and descent sample size tube, which is fine...I would be in awe if I was sent otherwise. So the product description card says "With English honey, organic cocoa, vitamin B5 and shea butter, this Mitchell and Peach body cream is perfect to leave you feeling as though you've taken a walk in the English countryside."

Although it smells very nice, a fresh floral scent, it does nothing for hydration on my skin. I've never really been wowed by Mitchell and Peach products, they always come in sleek packaging but the contents of said packaging do very little for my skin, although they smell luxurious when using them. Retailing at £36 for the full sized product, this won't be on my wish list anytime soon.

Sleek Pout Polish in Bonaire Full size £4.49

When I saw on Facebook that Sleek's Pout Polish would be featured in this months Glossybox I was a little excited...I have an obsession with anything that can be adorned on my lips, especially tinted balms for a quick and easy colour fix. I received the colour "Bonaire" which is a bright orange. It isn't the first colour I would pick from the range but the colour is very sheer and wearable. On the product description card it is described as "Full of nourishment with SPF15, almond oil, shea butter and vitamin E it will leave your pout looking perfect." Now it is a nice product, does what it says on the tin...I probably wouldn't repurchase as there are versions from other brands I prefer and I'm a little disappointed to receive a drugstore product in a beauty box that claims to send you "High-end beauty samples".

Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in Coral Reef Full Size £12.99

I'm not really a fan of shimmery eyeshadows, I mainly own more neutral shades which I use to dab in the corners of my eyes when I'm in need of a little pick-me-up. The products description card claims that this product is "a 100% pure Mica shimmering eye shadow that will provide you with a long lasting vibrant colour without smearing, creasing or fading." The colour is not for me and I really don't enjoy using loose products in packaging like this, I find they are messy and lead to product loss. The website has some lovely looking items to offer but this product is unfortunately a thumbs down from me...


          Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Lotion £37.50 for 150ml

           I feel I can't give this product the review it may deserve as I was only sent 2 small sachets...what were they expecting me to tan? My ankles? The product description card claims "Cheat with pHenomenal 2-3 week tan lotion which promises a longer lasting and hydrating tan." This will go into my little draw of samples....

Dove Hair Therapy Intensive Repair 60 Second Treatment Shot £1.49 for 15ml

Yawn, another drugstore brand...
I haven't tried this treatment shot yet as I'm pretty fussy about what I put on my hair so I will save this for a rainy day when I'm feeling more experimental. The product card claims "You don't have to chose between beauty and hair care with this intensive treatment! It's the perfect pick-me-up for haircare in a hurry and you can even take it on holiday to revive damaged hair from the sun."
Available from Superdrug.

All-in-all another disappointing box for me from Glossybox. I feel that if they spent more effort in sourcing high-end samples then the design and quality of the boxes containing them then the boxes would be more exciting to receive. I have redeemed my Glossydots and next month will be my last Glossybox...maybe not ever...but I've just signed up to Birchbox and I'm really looking forward to actually trying some high-end samples.


Thursday, 13 March 2014

Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light

Sleek Face Contour Kit

For a while I have been intrigued by contouring, when you see the result it has with the likes of Kim Kardashian whats not to love? Rather than plunging into the deep end and splashing out on a really expensive palette that may only get the one use I thought I'd begin with something cheaper and simpler, this is when I found the Sleek Face Contour Kit for £6.49 in Superdrug.

On the website the contouring part of the palette looked really dark and someone like me who shys away from bronzer and clings on to her blushers...but it's actually a medium workable brown.

Both parts of the pallet are quite powdery, I found you have to tap quite a lot of excess even with the softest of brush, but the powder is quite finely milled and blends excellently. The highlighter is very shimmery, not at all glittery, so you don't need a great deal to highlight.

I didn't have time to experiment with the whole full face contouring so I just tried it out on my cheeks. Here I'm wearing the contouring shade beneath my cheekbones, the highlighter on my cheekbones and Bobbi Brown blush in Nude Peach on the apples of my cheeks.

I think this is an excellent value kit for beginners and I'm looking forward to having the time to sit down and do the full works!


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

MAC Strobe Cream Review

MAC Strobe Cream

Now I know MAC Strobe Cream isn't new on the market but it's a new-ish part of my make-up bag and I love reviving a product that has been on the scene for a while with some fresh reviews. 

I have been using this under my foundation for the last couple of weeks, I thought it only fair to give it a good trial before reviewing it...and I must say I love it! Retailing at £23.50 for 50ml I think it's excellent value for money as a little bit of the product goes far and it should be a multitasking staple of any girls make-up bag!

Described as "The ultimate quick fix for skin, super-powedred with potent botanicals, de-snoozes, de-stresses, moistens, freshens and boosts the look of dull, flat or tired looking skin with a fully loaded vitamin zap and a mega dose of green tea." I couldn't say they were wrong at all with this description! Its absorbs into your skin quickly, leaving it feeling fresh and looking glowy.  You can wear alone as 
a moisturiser or under foundation for that lit-up effect in any lighting condition.

Unfortunately I do not have perfect skin, I make no attempt at denying this, so I haven't tried it without foundation but I love the lit-up effect it gives me...even through a couple of layers of foundation! I have quite oily skin, this doesn't leave me feeling oily initially...however after about 4/5 hours my face does start to look a little on the glassy side. This hasn't put me off at all though!

I can't comment on how it applies over foundation, I know some ladies use it to highlight their cheek bones etc but as I do have to layer up my foundation I tend to only apply powder highlighters so not to remove the foundation underneath. 

I absolutely love it, as all other MAC products I've tried...if it doesn't make me break-out then that usually sways me even more!


Beauty UK Baked Box Collection

Beauty UK Baked Box Collection Swatches and Review 

I absolutely love anything with a bit of subtle shimmer in it, anything that promises an illuminating glow has got to be mine! 
My go-to daily illuminator is Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Lightscapade which although has some veining of blues and pinks just gives a neutral illuminating finish suitable for anywhere on the face or body. When I came across these Baked Boxes from Beauty UK for only £3.99vI just couldn't resist! I went for shade no.4 Goddess and shade no.3 Halo as I felt they would get more use as they could be applied in multiple places rather than just the cheeks.

 Now, I often find photo's on website's don't represent the true colour of the product, so on the left we have no.4 Goddess and on the right no.3 Halo, both taken in natural daylight. They have only been swatched, the boxes look a little untidy with the product escaping the packaging containing it but the box and the product itself are great quality for the price!

Below I have swatched Goddess on the left, Halo centre and Mac Mineralize Skinfinish on the right as a comparison for colour variation. 

Goddess is a gorgeous bronze shimmer which will look great with a tan in the summer, I also tried it as an eyeshadow earlier and it gives a gorgeous wash of colour. Halo has a lovely illuminating pink tone to it which will be flattering to most skin tones, this looks great on the cheekbones, under the eyebrow arch and in the corners of your eyes, this would be a great skin pick-me-up when your having one of those days! Just as a comparison of colour and finish, Mac Mineralize on the right.

I think these Baked Boxes are great quality and an excellent high-end dupe! For the price give them a go, they are sold in Boots and Superdrug and they often have 3 for 2 or similar offers!


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Review

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

If you follow my blog you will know I don't have perfect skin. Having PCOS I am prone to the occasional acne flare-up and I keep to a strict cleansing, toning and moisturising routine (Premae's Immaculate Collection) morning and evening to try and keep the oil build-up at bay and prevent those yucky little white pimples from rearing their ugly heads! So, as I don't have the best skin I am constantly searching for products to give me the effect of perfect skin. 

Before being diagnosed with PCOS I hadn't been so particular about what I put on my face, although I've always had quite wide pores on my cheeks and I had oily skin to battle with, I never sought the aid of a primer to help the finish or longevity of foundation as I never wore it! It's only since the acne flare-up's in the last couple of years and the subsequent scarring that I have been on the look out for that little bit of extra help. 

For the last year or so I have been using Mac Prep+Prime Skin. Its a more of a fluid primer that aids the lay down of your foundation and powder by calming and soothing the skin, thus evening out skin redness. I enjoy using this primer, it's very easy to apply, it really does help my foundation to blend and it causes no irritation to my skin whatsoever. As much as I love it, it does nothing in the way of disguising the large pores on my cheeks. 

A couple of weeks ago, after searching the internet for alternative primers I came across Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. Now I know it's been out there for a while, I had seen it in department stores and online myself but as I said I am new-ish to primers and had never really been on a quest for one as I am now. Reading the reviews I was so excited to order it! Girls were referring to it as "Polyfiller for your face" a "Cult classic for a reason" and that they just couldn't live without it. I've found it, I've found what I've been searching for I thought and quickly added it to my basket and checked-out. The next couple of days were torture waiting for it to arrive in the post! I dreamt me and this "Polyfiller" primer would have a whirlwind affair, pore-less and totally flawless. I imagined sitting at my desk at work on Monday morning looking completely flawless even under the harsh artificial lighting. You can imagine my disappointment when this is not what I achieved....

The primer itself is easy and smooth to apply to the skin, it has a silicone feel like my Mac Prep+Prime. My foundation blended well over the top of it, there really was no trace of the primer being on. I can't say that it aided the longevity of my foundation nor did it keep me oil-free, after 4-5 hours I still needed to blot my face, the same as any other day. Unfortunately it did not give me a flawless look, nor was it Polyfiller to my lines or pores...instead after 2 days of using it I had an awful flare-up of nasty, sore spots over my chin and jawline. So into the drawer this primer goes....

I'm not giving this primer a bad review as you can quite clearly see from the tons of reviews it is a "Cult classic for a reason"...lots of girls love it. So while the dream of a whirlwind affair may have frazzled my quest for perfection continues....


Monday, 10 March 2014

You Beauty March Edition Review

You Beauty March Edition 

This is my first review of one of the beauty box subscriptions I have and this subscription is possibly my favourite. You Beauty is fantastic value for money at £6.95 per month including p&p. They email you at the end of every month giving you a sneak preview of what will be available to choose from the 1st of the month. You choose two items of your choice and then they top it up with a few lovely extras. To be sure to get the items you want I always order my box on the 1st of the month and it is promptly despatched and delivered a few short days later. So, here's my choices and extra's for this month....

BeautyLab Glyco Face Wash

One of the best-selling products in the range,BeautyLab®London GlycoWash is a high performance, multifunctional wash - the perfect cleansing solution for most skin types as it removes impurities, unclogs pores and accelerates cell renewal cycle, resulting in fresh, radiant and youthful looking skin
The BeautyLab®London GlycoWash combines five high performance ingredients to visibly improve the skin’s texture and tone, leaving it thoroughly cleansed and refined. 
GlycoPure™ Glycolic Acid (5%) to promote and increase cellular regeneration.  
  • MultiSal™ Salicylic Acid is a cell renewal active encapsulated for triggered release technology to efficiently work for longer on your skin.
  • Pomegranate Enzymes gently exfoliate the epidermis giving a fresh and healthy appearance. 
  • Willow Bark acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • And Lavender helps to calm and soothe the skin.
Suitable for: Dull and Congested Skin, Enlarged Pores, Ageing Skin, Uneven Pigmentation, Sun Damaged Skin, Acne Prone Skin
Retails at £32 for 100ml
The Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter:
This cleanser is an indulgent make-up remover for the whole face. It gently and efficiently melts away make-up and impurities, leaving skin feeling clean, refreshed and pampered.

  • Gently melts away make-up, leaves skin feeling clean and petal-soft and removes all types of make-up.

Retails at £12 for 90ml

Now onto my lovely added extras...

Retailing at £8, these gorgeous floral patterned tweezers are made from a high quality stainless steel and are a make-up bag must have for every girl! 

I received two sachets, each different blends, these were Moonlight Jasmine (organic green tea) and Swirling Mist (organic white tea) which I personally cannot wait to try as I love my herbal tea's!

All-in-all You Beauty's March Edition was excellent value for money filled with high quality items of which I can't wait to try!


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Liebster Blog Award Nomination...

Liebster Blog Award Nomination

I'm new to blogging...I'm not amazing at it yet (in my opinion!) and I was stunned to receive the Liebster Award from Jordan from  Journalesque ...after asking a few questions (as I've never heard of the Liebster Award before!) Jordan informed me that the Liebster Award is not just an award, but an awesome way of us bloggers with small followings (less than 200) to recognize other small time bloggers.  After you are nominated you have to post eleven facts about yourself, answer eleven questions asked by the blogger that nominated you and start the cycle all over again by nominating eleven more bloggers and asking eleven new questions. So here goes with the eleven random facts about Miss Jodie Coles...

1. I hate mayonnaise. Nay, I have a morbid phobia of mayonnaise. Just the thought of that thick white condiment is enough to give me nightmares!

2. I love dogs...cute little fluffy dogs! Due to work commitments I only have one but she is the most adorable little dog that I've had by my side for nearly 7 Mousie...isn't she adorable?!

3. My favourite time of the day is bedtime...I have the comfiest bed in the world and it doesn't matter how bad of a day I've soon as I'm in bed and having a cuddle with my man everything is better!

4. I have a small addiction to traditional tattoo's! Ok I'm covered in them...and so is my other half...

5. My favourite song is Edge Of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks...I can't sing but as soon as this song plays I imagine I am Stevie herself...spinning on a stage with a gorgeous shawl floating round me! 

6. I am obsessed with beauty products! If I can wear it on my body..I've got to have it! My biggest pull is towards blushers, nail polish and anything that promises to highlight, illuminate or induce youth! I'm the beauty industries drawers are bulging!

7. I live in a lovely 3 bedroom cottage in the countryside in Somerset. Yes the nearest clothes shop or department store is a 60 mile round trip...but I absolutely love it! Rather than waking up to the hustle and bustle of every day life I am woken up by bird song and sheep bleating!

8. When I was a child I wanted to be a vet, I even made the decision at a very young age to be a vegetarian as a pledge of devotion to my beloved animals...until I grew up and realised I couldn't deal with blood or seeing any animal in pain. No, I am no longer a vegetarian either. When I was 18 I got drunk and ate a pork pie...

9. Although my house looks like Kirstie Allsopp's craft box (I love shabby chic furniture and Kidston prints) I am not intact a girly girl! I love rock and metal and hate chick flicks...if you browsed through my dvd collection you would think it belongs to my other half!

10. Following on from my previous random fact, I renovate furniture. I adore Annie Sloan's work and have styled my home on her work. I also make jewellery and paint. I'm a very creative person...shame I just struggle to find the time to fit it all in!

11. I am the eldest of 6 children...yes 6! I have a big family and we are all very close. I have 3 sisters (which I love!) and two brothers. Being the eldest I am like the mum of my siblings...I'm always worrying and trying to pass on the advice I can't heed myself!

So onto the questions left for me by Jordan...

1. Describe yourself in three hashtags. 
﹟addictive ﹟determined ﹟empathetic 
2. What is your Plan B?
Honestly, I don't have one! I live day-to-day...although I have savings...I enjoy the ride of life itself...the not knowing is the most exciting part of life!
3. If you could be one age forever, what age would you be and why?
This age, 25, I feel the most confident and comfortable in my own body that I ever have!
4. Pick a book, song and a movie to describe your life.
Gah, this is a tough one. For the movie I would say Brokedown Palace, although I have never been locked up in a Thai prison for drug trafficking...I'd say the relationship between the Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale and the struggles they overcame says a lot about my determination and devotion to my love ones. Song, Florence & The Machine's Kiss With A life is content now...but it hasn't always been. Book, I would base my dreams on Jupiters Travels...the original version of Ewan McGregor's Long Way Round...travelling has always been my biggest dream! 
5. Who would you like to invite to your dinner party and almost as important, what would you be eating?
Kirstie Allsopp, Ryan Gosling, Alexa Chung, Florence Welch and Stevie Nicks...I would want a Great Gatsby style dinner party...totally OTT and oozing glamour! 
6. Favorite childhood memory?
Laying in the sun reading. I always had my head in a book when I was growing up. Always been a dreamer!
7. What can you not leave the house without?
Apart from my make-up, mobile and purse...and umbrella! It doesn't matter if its the middle of summer I always have an umbrella in my bag!
8. When do you feel your bravest?
When my other half is at my side. Life has thrown some horrible situations at me...but when he's there I feel 10 feet tall and like I can overcome it all!
9. If you could walk in their shoes for one day and see the places and people they would encounter, who would you pick and why?
Probably Florence Welch! I adore her music (and her wardrobe!) and I would just love to know what inspires her music.
10. Finish this sentence: If no one was watching I would…
Probably be singing! As I've said before I can't sing but I will at any given opportunity!
11. Most importantly, why did you start writing/creating your blog?
I started writing my blog because last year (after years of agony) I was diagnosed with PCOS. Last year I was at my lowest point with the worse symptom...acne. Then I discovered a brand of skincare that completely cleared it up and I just wanted to give something back to all those girls that had written the hundreds of blogs that I had read when I was at my lowest. After all, if no-one wrote blogs where would we all be today?
Ok, so my nominations are...
1. Idara from She Sings Style
2. Alexandra from Isey Beauty
3. Ells from from Marshmallowscoop
4. Ashleigh from AshleighRhiane
5. Marcia from Mabsoph
6. Kiran from Piece of the Net
7. Nichole from Dreaming In Glitter
8. Tabitha from Tabitha Courtney
9. Lauren from All In Beauty
10. Becky from Coffee, Beauty and Life
11. Qurratulain from Like Cherry Pie
My questions for you are....
1. Describe yourself in three words.
2. What is your favourite pastime?
3. If you could be one age forever, what age would you be and why?
4. Pick a movie character to describe your life.
5. Who would you want to play you in the movie of your life?
6. Favorite person and why?
7. What can you not leave the house without?
8. What's the one thing to give you a guaranteed pick-me-up?
9. If you could raid anyone's wardrobe who would it be?
10. Finish this sentence: If I could be anywhere right now it would be…
11. Most importantly, why did you start writing/creating your blog?
Thanks again to Jordan and good luck to you ladies!

Bobbi Brown Nectar & Nude Collection...

Bobbi Brown's Nectar & Nude Collection

A squeal of excitement exploded from me when I received an email from Bobbi Brown (no herself obvs!) showcasing her new Nectar & Nude Collection. There are a few other lovely products in the range but I headed straight to the 3 things that I absolutely love...blush, nail polish and the coral colour! 

I already have 6 matte blushers from Bobbi Brown and one shimmer blush but I was yet to try one of her Rouge Pot's (I don't know why it has taken me so long as I love cream blushers!) so when I spotted her gorgeous new shade Hibiscus (£19) was coral a coral shade I new it had to be mine! Like her other blushers (and all products of hers I have tried) it did not disappoint! In the pan it does seem more red than the coral orange on the website but when applied to cheeks it gives a gorgeous pop of colour and leaves cheeks with a illuminating sheen. As with the other cream blushers I use, I applied with my fingers and then blended in with a stippling brush. In this photo I am wearing it on both my lips and cheeks...I adore this colour...

Such a gorgeous shade...this will get ALOT of wear from me over spring/summer!

Next up is her new nail polish in Nectar (£11). As with all her polishes I have tried so far, it's easy to use, consistency isn't too thick or too runny and is quite well pigmented. This is a very wearable shade that will look great against tanned skin...although I'm quite pale at the moment it really perks up my skin tone. In this photo I have two coats applied...

Like summer in a bottle! This too will get a lot of wear from me over the coming months!

Have you tried any of the products from Bobbi's new range? What do you think?
If you haven't, treat yourself! You won't be disappointed!