Monday, 15 September 2014

Max Factor Lipfinity Review

I was thrilled to be selected by Product Testing to receive and review Max Factor Lipfinity lip colour in the shade 340 Essential Natural (I believe this shade is discontinued, however there currently are 20 other gorgeous shades to choose from).

Described as 'a revolutionary 2 step lipstick system that gives long lasting colour plus moisture' this lip product has some serious staying power, I'm talking so serious I struggled to remove it completely at the end of the day!

First off I will say prep your lips before applying, just a gentle exfoliation and a smidge of balm a few minutes before applying works wonders as this product can be a little drying and cling to any dry patches. After prepping lips simply swipe the wand across your lips, I found you need to work fast as it dries quite quickly and can look a little patchy if you go back over the area again.

The 'shine boosting' topcoat is a must to apply over the top to give your lips some moisture and sheen. The balm isn't at all sticky, it has more of a solid Vaseline feel to it. 

I really like the colour, it's a  nice subtle rosy pink, however looking online I believe it has been discontinued as I can't find this shade available anymore. Like I said previously this product really did live up to it's long lasting claims...I had to try 3 different make-up removers before I could get all of it off! It did last right from morning (7am) until the evening when I took my make-up off (around 8pm) but I did find I needed to keep applying the balm throughout the day as my lips would start to feel a bit dry. The fact the lip colour and balm are separate is good but not good in my opinion, great as you can just carry the balm around with you but not so great if you want both products in one place, they do have some products in their range that include colour plus gloss in one wand.

If you're looking for a really long lasting lip product I would definitely recommend this...and a good make-up remover!

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