Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April's Beauty Favourites

Wow, where did April go? Yet again it was quite difficult to chose, as I have tried some fabulous products this month, so I thought I would go with the ones that I'm reaching for everyday. Here's a quick run-through of my favorite beauty and skincare products from April...

I absolutely adore this foundation, it's the first medium to full coverage foundation I have found with a dewy, luminous finish. I chose the shade Sunny Beige after much deliberation, there are hardly any reviews on this foundation online...which shocks me as it's amazing! Here's a link if you want to read my full review on this foundation.

A fabulous illuminating primer which creates a flawless base for foundation and leaves skin looking healthy and renewed. Here's a link to my full review of this primer, trust me it's fabulous...a make-up bag must have for me now!

 This hand cream literally smells good enough to eat! I first tried this after receiving a sample of it in my March Birchbox and I'm now hooked! It leaves hands moisturized without feeling greasy and lightly fragranced with the scent of rhubarb and rose...divine! Other than the cream itself I love the packaging Molton Brown products come in, cute enough to brighten up any handbag.

I received a generous sample of this specialist eye creme in my April Premae Donna Box and I can honestly say I've not even looked at my Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream since! What I love about this eye creme is that it's lightweight, yet very moisturizing and acts as a fabulous primer for my eye concealer.  I've ordered a full size for my May Premae Donna to follow!

Another pick from my April Premae Donna Box is this fabulous anti-aging creme. I've been using this for a little over 3 weeks and my skin is already looking and feeling more renewed. This creme is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins, I apply before bed and it makes my skin so soft when I wake. Here's a link to my full review and product description. 

I have a real thing for red lipstick's, they are my go-to lip colour when I can't decide what to wear on my lips. Now we're moving into warmer weather I like to switch up my lipsticks for tinted balms or stains and Clinique's Chubby Stick in Two Ton Tomato is fabulous for this. Its a sheer tinted balm which can be built up to a medium intensity. Not only do they look great on your lips but they look great in your make-up bag!


#100happydays challenge

After seeing so many people participating in the #100happydays challenge through several social media platforms it has made realize that I haven't been stopping to appreciate the little things in life that make me happy.

So for those not participating in the challenge here's a little more info on what you need to do to participate. We live in times where we have super busy schedules, there is less and less time to enjoy the moment you are in and appreciate the things, be them big or small, in your day that make you happy. Sadly 71% tried to complete the challenge but failed, pinning a lack of time on the reason for failure. All you need to do is visit and register, chose which platform of social media you will use to share your #100happydays snaps (including that hashtag so your pictures can be identified in the challenge) and start appreciating the things in life that are often over looked in life that make you happy!

The percentage of people that completed the challenge claimed that they were starting to notice the things that make them happy everyday, started to receive more compliments from people and were generally in a better mood everyday! Some have said they have become more optimistic in life and even found love during the challenge...awww!

My challenge will begin tomorrow, May 1st...and I shall be sharing the things that make me happy daily through can follow me here


Saturday, 26 April 2014

Astalift Light Analyzing Moisture Foundation Review and Swatches

Let me start off by saying this foundation is INCREDIBLE! I can't believe how few reviews I could find on the internet about it.

I had been recommended this foundation by another blogger after saying I was still searching for my holy grail foundation, I wanted something with medium-full coverage but a dewy, luminous finish...Light Analyzing Moisture Foundation by Astalift delivers just this.

A couple of weeks ago I contacted Astalift to request some samples of their foundation to match my colour perfectly before committing to purchasing a full size. They sent me samples of the shades Sand and Caramel, I didn't even attempt the Caramel shade as Sand was way too dark for me...but I fell in love with the coverage and finish. I contacted them again and they said the only paler shade sample they had in stock was Ivory, the colour wasn't a bad match but I have quite yellow undertones in my skin so it wasn't the best match. Earlier this week I spotted that their foundation was half price so I decided to take the plunge and purchase the shade Sunny Beige and I'm pleased to say it is a perfect match!!

Light Analyzing Foundation in Sunny Beige
Sunny Beige blended
Sunny Beige is suitable for paler skin with yellow undertones, I would say this shade is very similar to my MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15. 

By applying the science of light and colour, Astalift has designed a patented foundation that leaves skin radiant in any light. It's light analyzing powder mimics the way light is absorbed and reflected. Tones within light are absorbed and reflected to create a flawless complexion that's radiant from morning to night. The technology within this foundation reflects skin coloured light to reduce shadows and the appearance of wrinkles in daylight, office lighting or harsh fluorescent lights. On top of all that this foundation contains anti-againg technology caring for skin, collagen to help retain moisture and stimulate collagen production and a powerful antioxidant called Astaxanthin which is unto 1000 times more powerful than Co Q-10 which controls sebum for amazing coverage all day long.

What ever it's got in it I think it's incredible! Anyone that reads my blog knows that I suffer from hormonal breakouts of acne so I have quite a few scars around my mouth and layer of this foundation applied with my RT Expert Face Brush completely evens out the redness in my skin, covering any scars or blemishes and leaves a totally flawless, radiant finish...I'm in love! In this photo I am just wearing the foundation, eyeshadow, mascara and a little highlighting products required as this foundation gives you a gorgeous glow all by itself. 

If you fancy giving it a go this foundation is currently 50% off on their website, only £14.50 for 30ml.


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

MAC Prep+Prime Natural Radiance Primer in Radiant Yellow Review

I've been dying to get my hands on this primer since it came out...anything that claims to have radiance inducing properties has to be mine!

MAC Prep+Prime Radiance Primer is priced at £29 which I think is totally worth it, for a few reasons...I use MAC's Prep+Prime Skin which is priced at £20.50 for 30ml, whereas Prep+Prime Natural Radiance is a generous sized 50ml bottle. Much like the Prep+Prime Skin this has a gel-like formula that glides onto skin so just one pump will do my entire 30ml bottle of Prep+Prime Skin has been going strong for around six months now...with daily use!

I went for the Radiant Yellow as I have quite alot of red on my face so I thought this would double up as a primer to counteract that issue. MAC claim that this primer is especially effective on fair skin tones as the formula disappears upon application, resulting in a beautiful glow...I couldn't have said it better myself! I use MAC'S Studio Fix Fluid Foundation which isn't a completely matte finish but wearing this primer underneath gives me a gorgeous dewy glow, like skin only healthier!

As well as aiding an easy application of your foundation and a luminous finish this primer has vitamins E and C as well as caffeine to calm skin. Prep+Prep Natural Radiance has definitely won me over from my current Prep+Prime Skin...I'm hooked!


Saturday, 19 April 2014

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation Review and Swatches

 I adore my current foundation, the colour match is perfect and the formula gives me a healthy, matte finish but as the weather is getting warmer I have been looking for something a little more long lasting and non-transferable, my current foundation is great for around 8 hours but by the afternoon it often starts to get a little blotchy looking around my nose and mouth. After reading some great reviews I decided to purchase MAC Pro Longwear Foundation £25. The foundation claims to give up to 15 hours of wear even in hot and humid conditions, controls oil to keep skin flawless and contains SPF 10.

Left Pro Longwear NC15
Right Studio Fix Fluid NC15
I purchased this foundation two weeks ago (online) and when I pulled it out of the box my first reaction was that the shade was far too warm for me. I purchased MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in the shade NC15 as this is my usual shade in the Studio Fix Fluid that I wear, in comparison to the Studio Fix it is less yellow toned and I thought it just would not be wearable but after a couple of plays around with the type of application it is actually quite a good colour match.

Left Studio Fix Fluid NC15
Right Pro Longwear NC15

 Now when I initially tried to apply the Pro Longwear I used my Real Techniques Expert Face brush, as this brush gives me flawless results when using Studio Fix but I found the Pro Longwear to initially come out of the bottle quite thick and oily and the brush was just moving the foundation around my face and not buffing it in to my skin. After reading some more reviews about how people get the best application results it seemed the general consensus was to use a damp beauty blender. I purchased the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge £5.99 and the application was so much easier!

This foundation is a sheer to medium formula, I did find it quite difficult to build up layers as before it sets to a natural matte finish it is quite an oily feeling texture but if you work in small areas quickly the results are quite flawless! What I did like about this foundation is that you have no need for concealer as you can just spot apply with a detailing brush where needed. The finish as I've said is a natural matte looking finish, like skin only better! This foundation definitely lives up to it's claims of being long-wearing, I took the photo above after roughly 8 hours of wear and it was showing no signs of budging. 

So, if you're looking for a long-wearing foundation I would definitely recommend this one after mastering my techniques for application.


Friday, 18 April 2014

He-Shi Professional Face & Body Tanning Gel Review

In my April Glossybox I received a 50ml sample of a fabulous instant tan by He-Shi. This is a high performance self-tan that includes pro vitamin B5 and aloe vera for a gorgeous glow that nourishes skin whilst you wear.

This self-tan gel contains a 'see where it goes'  formula that gives instant colour, making it easier to avoid streaks and patchiness. He-Shi tanning gel suitable for use on the face and body and is paraben and alcohol free as well as being pH balanced, so it's suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

I applied with a tanning mitt and the results were a glorious, deep but natural looking tan...

Top: Before applying He-Shi Tanning Gel
Bottom: morning after applying He-Shi Tanning Gel

I think £17.50 for 150ml is more than reasonable as a little bit really does go a long way and the results are long lasting, I haven't needed to top up my tan for around 5 days now!

If you use the code GLOSSY25 valid until 31st May you will receive 25% off your order at


April's Birchbox

Ok, so I'm sure most subscribers have already received their boxes and non-subscribers have definitely seen a million photos but here's what I received in my April Birchbox....

Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes

Not the most exciting thing to sample from a beauty box but definitely a refreshing, essential one! These rejuvenating wipes are packed with vitamins and yep, you guessed cucumbers! They claim to have an anti-inflammatory green tea extract in them that will improve the general health of skin and protect from free-radiacals. The sample size was a decent 10 wipes and price at only £4.99 for a full-size pack of 30 they are very purse-friendly.

Campos de Ibiza Almond Body Milk

A fast-absorbing formula with rosewater to calm sensitive skin and anti-oxidants offer long lasting hydration and protection from environmental aggressors- such as sun damage. This also was an ample sized sample, it was pleasant but body milk's aren't really my thing so I doubt I'll purchase the full size product (£16.55 for 200ml).

theBalm How 'Bout Them Apples

By far the favourite product in my box this month! When I started to see other subscribers boxes I was praying this would be in mine! I received a sample of the shade 'Pie' which is an easy to blend shade cream formula which can be used on either cheeks or lips. The full size version is priced at £26 which is a total bargain as it comes with six multi-tasking shades.

Color Club Gala's Gems Collection

Now I was a bit annoyed when I opened my box as prior to despatch Birchbox emailed me and said I could pick which shade of polish I would like in my box, I responded straight away and picked Breakfast At... which is the gorgeous green colour. I however received Heirloom Pearls which is the shimmery off-white...not really my colour! The bottles are quite cute and a decent 7ml size, the collection of 4 polishes is priced at £15.

Propercorn Sweet Coconut & Vanilla Popcorn

As a little extra sweet treat there was a bag of Propercorn coconut and vanilla popcorn, I really thought wouldn't be my thing but they are actually really tasty! Priced at 90p for a 20g bag they a purse and hips friendly!

Last but not least...Lord & Berry Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil

Now I don't usually reach for a kohl eyeliner as my general day-to-day make-up look includes a winged eyeliner so I use something a lot less smudge-proof but an eyeliner is always a welcome addition to my make-up arsenal. Luckily I received the shade black, which I think most did. This eyeliner smudges very easily so would be ideal for the odd occasion when I go for the smokey-eyed look.

All-in-all not a bad box at all this month, apart from the mix-up with the nail polish shade and my box taking what seemed like forever to be despatched...I'm happy.


Sunday, 13 April 2014

April's Premae Donna Box Selection

Anyone that reads my blog will know that I absolutely adore Premae's products for many reason's but the main being that it has cleared my acne up no end!

At the end of Febuary I signed up for their Premae Donna box, it's £65 for 2 months and gives you total freedom of choice and the ability of keeping stocked up with your favourite products at half the price. On the 1st of each month you are able to choose any 3 products you wish (you can't choose 3 of the same product however), the subscription is for 2 months and you can renew or cancel with no strings attached. As I won't use anything but Premae's skincare now I thought this was the most savvy option! This month I chose...

Balance Rescue Gel Face Wash 

I order this face wash every month, it's a solid part of my skincare regime now. This is a refreshing gel cleanser that cleanses and polishes your skin, delicately yet thoroughly. Ideal for oily or acne prone skin (as is mine) it really cleanses away build up's of excess sebum and keeps my skin shine free. Use this alongside their Balance Rescue Face Tonique and Harmony Serum you will have perfect skin!

Plush Therapy Masque

I had recently used up a sample of this masque which I absolutely loved so I decided to purchase the full size version this month. I use this once or twice a week to really decongest my pores. Used alongside the Balsnce Rescue products it really helps to keep excess oil under control thus preventing any nasty zits!

Triumphe Balm

I've only been using this balm for a few days and can already say that I love it! The Triumphe range is aimed more at ageing skin as it is packed with antioxidants and vitamins. Of late I have started to notice some fine lines around my mouth and forehead *gasp* so I thought I would give Premae's award wining balm a go. It has a rich formula, hydrating yet non-greasy and a gorgeous smell of frankincense. I have been applying before bed and when I wake my skin is so soft!

I couldn't add any links to the products I'm afraid as Premae's website is under a little construction at the moment, if you are interested in any of their products then just pop the lovely ladies and email, they're ever so helpful.


Liebster Blog Award (Part 2)

A big thanks to Ellie from Ellie's Corner and Phoebe Hope for nominations for the Liebster Blog Award.Now the Liebster Award is not just an award, but an awesome way of us bloggers with small followings (less than 300) to recognise other small time bloggers.  After you are nominated you have to post eleven facts about yourself, answer eleven questions asked by the blogger that nominated you and start the cycle all over again by nominating eleven more bloggers with under 300 followers and ask eleven new questions. So here goes with the eleven random facts about Miss Jodie Coles...

1) I hate mayonnaise. Nay, I have a morbid fear of mayonnaise!
2) I was once in the Sun newspaper as part of a sun safe campaign wearing one of those lovely caps with the flaps at the back...I was a child I might add!
3) I enjoy renovating furniture, Annie Sloan is my interior muse!
4) My favourite colour is mint green.
5) I had a kiss from Faithless (the Dj) in Ibiza.
6) I can't touch wet wool...pulling a freshly washed jumper from the washing machine is a nightmare!
7) I am one of six, I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers...of which I'm the eldest.
8) I have an obsession for blushers and fact anything beauty related!
9) My favourite song is Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks...that woman is incredible!
10) My favourite animal are frogs...with their permanent smile they are the cutest animals ever!
11) Feet gross me out...I'm yet to see an attractive set of feet!

On to my questions...

1) What is your favourite foundation coverage? I would love to say light or medium but due to the fact I suffer from hormonal break-outs I wear a full coverage foundation (MAC Studio Fix Fluid).
2) What skin type do you have? I have oily skin, sucks right now but I'm told oily skin is less wrinkly in later life...I can deal with a little blotting if that's the case!
3) Favourite clothing item?'s got to be either a breton top or a denim shirt...there are endless ways of styling them!
4) Favourite beauty item? Oooh that's another toughy...either my MAC foundation as the coverage is amazing or my Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer.
5) What made you start blogging? After reading tons of blogs about PCOS I really wanted to start one and share what works for me, if it wasn't for the girls writing those blogs then I wouldn't have found have the things that have helped me.
6) Favorite high-end brand? MAC and Bobbi Brown...never bought a product from them I didn't like.
7) Favourite drug-store brand? Not a a brand that I'm a fan of make-up wise but I do love Barry M's nail polish.
8) What is one beauty product that really let you down when you tried it? Gah, there's been a few over the years...but most recently it's got to be Rimmel's Rita Ora nail polish in White Light...the nail polish was gloomy and the brush was awful, it went straight in the bin!
9) Who do you seek advice from for your blog? Honestly, no-one. None of my friends or family blog so I just kinda go with my instincts and write what I'm passionate about.
10) How do you plan blog posts? Am I supposed to? I really don't plan any of my posts, if I buy a product that I feel I really must say something about, be it negative or positive, then I will share my thoughts.
11) What are you ambitions for your blog? Really I'm just enjoying being part of a community that is so resourceful and like-minded...I really don't plan to have 15,000 followers by the end of the year, I'm just enjoying sharing my experiences right now.

Finally, the bloggers I nominate are-

Scarlett Reeves from Scarlett Olivia
Emily from Emie's Bits and Bobs
Sandy from The Sassy Blog
Mary from Strikepose
Catherine from Whispers of Woodstock
Eff from Beauty by Eff
Sarah from Nails from Nothing
Julia from Mdame Juliaaa
Hannah from Northern life in London
The Paris Logic
Helen from Pink Polka Dot and Popcorn

And the questions I will leave for you are-

1) What inspires you?
2) What did you want to be when you grew up?
3) Night in with the family or night out with the girls?
4) You've got 5 minutes to get ready for work, what do you reach for?
5) Sweet or savoury?
6) Vacation or staycation?
7) Cats or dogs?
8) What inspired you to write your blog?
9) 3 items you could take with you to a remote island?
10) Au natural or OTT?
11) Favorite person/people and why?

Much love,

Friday, 11 April 2014

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

Another MAC plunge I've taken this week is the Pro Longwear concealer (NC15). At the moment I am currently using Studio Fix Fluid foundation (NC15) and the Studio concealer (NC15). Whilst the foundation is almost perfect the Studio concealer, in my opinion, is rubbish! The colour is nearly a perfect match but it is a cream concealer and I find it sits in the creases of my eyes and is a bit of work to blend. So, I thought I would give the Pro Longwear concealer a go after reading so many glowing reviews.

Now, if you read my blog you would know that I live around 50 miles aways from the nearest MAC counter, I rely solely on other blogs and google images to match my colours up. I did have a chat with a MAC artist online for the colour match on this concealer and I will say it is a pretty good match.

(L) Studio NC15 (R) Pro Longwear NC15

As you can see the Studio concealer on the left appears to be more warm toned than the Pro Longwear, ironic really as all NC shades are supposed to be cool toned, but when it comes to concealers under my eyes I like something with a bit more warmth.

I really wish I could say that I love the Pro Longwear concealer, maybe we just need a bit more bonding time together. The concealer comes in a glass bottle so be weary of it rattling around in your make-up bag, it also comes with a pump which dispenses way too much of the product each time you use it, very wasteful and hard to control. The formula is fluid, which is not unpleasant but I do find I need to layer it up a little. As for the claims that it lasts for up to 15 hours...not for me it doesn't! It makes my eyes look a bit dry and crepey, I look more tired with the concealer on! 

For now I can't say I'm a fan, but maybe we will learn to love each other...


MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red

I just had to share the gorgeous bargain that came in the post this morning from Cohorted.  When I saw that MAC's Matte lipstick in Russian Red was featuring in this week's cohort I just knew it had to be mine and at the bargainous price of £10.50 I'm over the moon!

I'm a sucker for a red lippy and well MAC products in general really! This shade is a glamourous, classic red and would look fabulous on most skin tones. Although it is a matte lipstick I didn't find it at all drying on my lips as most matte lipsticks are. The pigment in this lipstick is amazing and you don't need to ply loads of it on to get the desired effect.

The cohort is now closed but I would recommend anyone looking for a staple red lippy to try this one!


Saturday, 5 April 2014

March Favourites..

It was really hard to pick just a handful of products to choose as my favourite beauty products of March as I had purchased and discovered some fabulous products last month...even though I was on a beauty product ban! So here's some products I just can't put down...

Premae Mild Pro Dermabrasion  £17.50

I've made no secret of my love for Premae's products and this has now become a firm favourite in my skincare regime. This is a mild exfoliant with gently ground Olive pumice in it, helping to lift away dead skin cells and leave a more radiant complexion. I like to leave it on my face for 5-10 minutes before gently buffing into my skin, I then rinse off and follow with Premae's cleansing Balance Rescue Face skin feels so soft and deeply cleansed afterwards.

Barry M Gelly Nails in Sugar Apple £3.99

I literally can't stop wearing this colour since I bought it! I love the transition of Winter to Spring and all of the fresh colours that come with it. Sugar Apple is a gorgeous pastel mint colour, I find 3 coats give a total opacity, glossy and long wearing this nail polish will get a hell of a lot of wear from me!

Benefit Stay Don't Stray £20.50

I've never really been blown away by Benefit products but I now couldn't live without this primer! I have terrible dark circles so I use a concoction of colour correctors and concealers to disguise them but I find at times creamy concealers can slide about a bit...queue Benefit's Stay Don't Stray! I bought it in Light/Medium and it is perfect for my skin tone, not only does it keep my concealer in place but it's a perfect concealer in itself!

Nothing more chic than a white mani in the spring...other than all the gorgeous pastel shades that are popping up this is another favourite of mine. I have read blog's where its been claimed you only require one coat, even though this polish is quite thick I personally find I need 3 coats to give full opacity. It wears really well, very glossy and chip resistant for at least 3 days (if I can keep the same colour on for that long!).

Another product that I have worn everyday since I bought it...I have a really addiction to blushers, especially cream versions! This blush is a gorgeous peach shade in a convenient stick, great for when your on the go. The results are a very fresh, healthy pop of colour and it lasts a good 6 hours on me before it needs touching up.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in In Love With Ginger £6.49

Another product I am addicted and red/orange lipsticks! I haven't bought a lipstick by Rimmel for years but after reading a few good reviews and it's purse-friendly price I thought I'd pick it up to add to my collection...I'm pleased to say it doesn't disappoint. The formula is very nourishing and moisturising and the colour is a gorgeous, bright coral

Bobbi Brown's products take up a huge amount of space in my make-up collection...her blushers are divine...when I saw a limited edition Rouge Pot was coming out I knew I had to snap one up! This is an excellent multi-tasking product for your make-up bag. Hibiscus is a gorgeous bright red coral and looks great both on your lips and cheeks. Another firm BB favourite for me!

I'm usually quite wary of cream highlighters as I find that they can lift my quite heavy foundation, so I usually just use a powder version such as MAC Mineralize...but this cream highlighter is fab! I've been wearing this most days alongside the Pop and Glow blusher, applied on cheekbones and below the brow it gives just the right amount of glow without looking like a disco ball! I apply straight form the convenient stick and blend using my Real Techniques Expert Face brush and it blends seamlessly with my foundation.

There's nothing I love more than a nice relaxing face mask on a Sunday night to prepare me for the week ahead. This is a fab, deep cleansing yet non-drying formula in a super convenient squeezey bottle.

I'm super excited about spring and all of the new beauty offerings that come with it!